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It then skips to her son, the Bachelor Duke William Cavendish, who expanded the gardens, and on to Louise, the Double Duchess (she married the 8th Duke after the death of her first husband, the Duke of Manchester). Theres a touch of all-American glamour via Astaire, who cartwheeled across the room the first time she met the matriarchs, and Kathleen Kick Kennedy, Jacks youngersister she married the Marquess of Hartington, heir apparent to the 10th Duke of Devonshire, and would have been duchess if not for his death in active service only four months after their wedding. And theres Debo, always Debo. The youngest Mitford sister and 11th Duchess befriended Cecil Beaton and Lucian Freud, favoured Parisian couture and sturdy agricultural-fair wear, and collected Elvis merchandise and handbags shapedlike rubber chickens. You do get such a vivid sense of personality from their clothes, Bowles says. View photos Deborah Devonshire & Stella Tennant, Chatsworth, 2006 - Credit: Mario Testino More House Style had its origins not in couture, but a christening gown. Burlington wanted to find one for her son, now aged six, and had an inkling that Chatsworths textile storage rooms might be a good place to start. My mother-in-law and I used to go on these little exploratory trips because she didnt know the house terribly well at that point, Burlington says. When they opened the relevant box, not one, but 15 gowns tumbled out. I thought, there must be lots of interesting clothes here I wondered what else there might be. Burlington, who is married to William, Earl of Burlington, emailed Bowles, a friend from their early careers.

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